Aqua Medic Fish Trap Review

If you have tried everything to remove an unwanted fish from your saltwater tank and you are now on the verge of pulling your rock out? Before upsetting your entire tank, consider buying a Aqua Medic Fish Trap.

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Is The Trap Suitable For My Aquarium?

There are a few things to consider when deciding whether the Aqua Medic Fish Trap is a tool that will work for you.

What are the dimensions of the Fish Trap?

It was larger than I expected measuring in at 27.5 x 17 x 17 cm

To put the size into perspective, the lower shorter part is the same length as my forearm (which is an average length forearm I think). The trap could quite easily accommodate a 6 – 7 inch fish.

Aqua Medic Fish Trap

The Aqua Medic Fish trap is designed to only half empty when removed from the tank to ensure the whole process is not too stressful for the fish.

The trap is supplied with three suckers

This in my opinion is the only part of the manufacture that lets the design down.

The suckers are double sided. They are pressed against the side of the fish trap and then the trap is pressed against the glass.
If you have ever dealt with sub-standard suction cups you will know how unreliable they can be in both retaining the suction and preventing the attached item from sliding on the glass.
The acrylic body of the trap is complimented with a glass bottom which is slid into place. This may be included to weigh the trap down and prevent it from floating up. Unfortunately, these suckers in conjunction with the weight of the trap has the tendency to slowly slide down the glass.

Aqua medic fish trap

Can you support the Fish Trap from beneath?

Considering the above, it is important that you are able to support the fish trap, if even slightly on some rockwork or on the sand bed.

Although this was my first success with the trap, I had initially tried to use it in my previous tank. I realised that I couldn’t use it then because I had nowhere to support the trap. My last tank was SPS dominant and the trap would have had to rest on delicate coral.


aqua medic fish trap

How Does The Aqua Medic Fish Trap Work?

Patience, that is the key word.

Fish are generally wary of anything new in their environment, some more wary than others.

In my case I needed to remove a Melanurus Wrasse from my tank. It had managed to eat its way though most of my snails, my hermit crabs, my pistol shrimp and two fire shrimp.
It was time to go!

I placed the open trap in the tank and watched all the fish avoid it for 3 days. I hadn’t placed any food in the trap during this period. 
On the forth day the wrasse got nosy and entered it following some food which had inadvertently found its way inside.
It began doing this regularly after feeding.

I knew then when I would be able to nab it.

It is worth mentioning that only one other fish had entered the trap, most of the others were still very wary.

Aqua medic glass insert
Glass Bottom Insert
aqua medic release pin
Acrylic Release Pin

Even though I knew when the wrasse would enter the trap, I had to make sure it was fully inside.
Twice it went in but only part way. It took 40 mins, holding the fishing line taught, before it went in the full way.

How To Transfer Your Fish From The Trap

Once your fish is caught it will take some time to calm down. The glass slider will have descended fairly abruptly with a bit of a thump. It is important that you allow the fish to calm down so that the next part does not cause undue stress.

When the fish has visibly calmed down you can lift the trap from your tank. The water will drain from the perforated holes on each side, but if you turn the trap upwards it will retain half the water. This will allow you to remove the glass slider and enable you to transfer the fish into a waiting bag or receptacle.

So There You Have It...

The Aqua Medic Fish Trap does what is was made to do, but depending on your tank and the available space it may or may not be the solution you are looking for. It does seem to be an expensive purchase for a simple acrylic box, however when I compare that expense to the loss of all of my clean up crew it seemed like a good trade off.

Aqua Medic Fish Trap Review