Condensation is water that forms on and around your windows, in corners behind furniture, and on cold surfaces in the house.  If left unchecked it can quickly create a breeding ground for mould.

My house was one such house.  A 1970’s house which has had the loft insulation topped to unimaginable height, the cavity walls filled with stuff and the windows all double glazed.

We had already experienced minor condensation in the winter, prior to the upgrade open top 80 gallon (300L) tank.

The condensation following the installation of the new fish tank was dire to say the least.  

Every window in the house was coated with water droplets every morning, at least 3/4 of the way up, with pools of water collecting on the sills. As much as we tried to stay on top of it by wiping it up every morning, it was beating us and then the mould began to take hold!

No matter how much air we let into the house, what heating schedule we tried, nothing was working. The dehumidifier we tried collected water well enough, but not on the industrial scale we seemingly needed.  

After doing some research, I came across a unit called Nuaire Drimaster ECO.

I read that some councils in the UK automatically fitted them into every house they owned, and reading the reviews I thought it would be worth the expense, hoping for a good result.

On receiving the unit, I installed it as detailed in the instructions and asked my sparky brother-in-law to commission it for me.  The results were amazing!

It simply fits in your loft above your landing and gently blows filtered air into the house in the colder months, automatically turning off once the temperature begins to rise.
This air helps to keep air within the house moving, ensuring there are no stagnant areas. Additionally, as there is air constantly entering the house, there is also air forcibly leaving the house (through any available crevice, window kept ajar, up the chimney) taking the excess moisture with it.

I will say here that the landing can be quite fresh in the winter now, but nothing too overbearing with the heating on. Another notable accolade of this unit is that the cost to run one is negligible.

Best Solution for Fish Tank Condensation

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