gift ideas for a saltwater aquarium keepers

Gift Ideas for a Saltwater Aquarium Keeper

Buying a gift for someone who keeps a saltwater tank can be a nightmare. Invariably, they already have everything they need, and anything else seems superfluous and overly expensive. I know this, because I have a long-suffering wife who makes ...
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how to get rid of red slime cyanobacteria

How to Get Rid of Red Slime Cyanobacteria in a Reef Tank

Photo provided by R. Munden Cyanobacteria or ‘red slime’ is one of those unwanted occurrences that is most likely to affect maturing saltwater tanks, or tanks that are out of balance. Depending on how aggressively it is behaving in your ...
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get rid of digitate hydroids in a reef tank

How To Get Rid Of Digitate Hydroids In a Reef Tank

Digitate hydroids, also known as colonial hydroids, belong to a class of animals called Hydrozoa. A hydroid is part of their life stage. Hydrozoa are small predators related to jellyfish. In fact, sometimes the first appearance of hydroids in your ...
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get rid of asterina in a saltwater aquarium

How To Get Rid Of Aiptasia In a Saltwater Tank

Of the many hitchhikers that find their way into our reef tanks, Aiptasia tend to be one of the more annoying. You may have inadvertently introduced it on live rock, thinking it was cool at the time. You might already ...
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how to get rid of asterina starfish

How To Get Rid Of Asterina Starfish In a Saltwater Aquarium

Saltwater hitchhikers come in all shapes and forms, and the Asterina starfish is no exception. It will often be spotted as an individual starfish making its way up the glass, or among the live rock. They are often not the ...
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cheatomorpha for copepods

What is the Triton Method?

The one very popular fact that the Triton Method has become well known for is the ability to run a saltwater aquarium without water changes. While this is not exclusive to Triton, it certainly has made them popular among the ...
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