why is my salter tank cloudy?

Why is my Saltwater Tank Cloudy Suddenly?

A cloudy saltwater tank is a common occurrence in new setups, where the water turns milky or opaque. This makes it difficult to see the fish, or anything in your tank, and can leave a new aquarist concerned for the ...
how to frag sps corals

How to Frag SPS Corals Safely

SPS corals are the architects and builders of coral reefs around the world. In a mixed reef tank, SPS are the corals that consume most of the major and minor elements we provide, growing upwards and outwards, creating the height, ...
how to frag lps coral

How to Frag LPS Corals Safely

Keeping a reef aquarium is all about maintaining a safe and stable environment for your inhabitants. This allows them to thrive and grow. However, as they grow we have to consider how we are going to keep that harmonious environment ...
best aqua saw for cutting corals

Best Saw for Fragging Corals: The DB-100 Coral Bandsaw

For many reefers with saltwater tanks, fragging corals becomes a necessity for a number of reasons. They may be outgrowing your tank or picking fights with their next-door neighbours. You may want to earn a bit of extra money as ...
how to frag soft corals

How to Frag Soft Corals Successfully

Soft corals are often described as beginners’ corals, and consequently most reefers will have one or two soft coral varieties in their tanks. Of the three coral types, soft corals are also the most prolific growers and it may come ...
cable management ideas for saltwater aquariums

Cable Management Ideas for a Saltwater Tank

When we set up reef aquariums, we often pride ourselves on the aesthetics of the display. The cabinet often looks sleek and modern; the lights look stylish and unobtrusive. The live rock is placed to our liking, and coral frags ...
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