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Top 3 Best Seaweed Clips

The easiest way to feed your tank inhabitants dried seaweed, is to use a nori holder like the ones below.  I personally use the Gourmet Grazer but all of the clips below have great overall reviews so the choice is yours as to which of these will be your best seaweed clips.

By feeding your herbivorous fish, such as tangs, and invertebrates nori, you are ensuring that they are getting a wide range of vitamins in minerals imperative for good health.  Not only that but they also contain amino acids, fatty acids and iodine. 

best glass cleaners for saltwater aquariums

If you have a sea urchin, snails, crabs, herbivorous fish or algae blennies that rely on algae as their main source of nutrition it is so important that they are supplemented with nori once the algae source in the tank has run out.  

Many saltwater aquarium owners will buy livestock to help clear a tank of unwanted algae but once the algae problem has been taken care of, forget that the inverts and fish that fed off the algae in the first place require a new source of food.  

1. Best seaweed clip by Two Little Fishies

Measuring 3 x 3 x 3 inches, the Two Little Fishies Veggiemag Seaveggie Clip is held on to the side of the tank with powerful magnets.  A great feature of this clip is that it floats making it easily retrievable from the surface of the water.  It is suitable for a glass/acrylic tanks with a wall thickness of up to 3/4 inches and is also available in a pack of two if you have a large, or more than one, tank.

Two Little Fishies Veggiemag Seaveggie Clip Accessory
  • This product is easy to use
  • This product adds a great Value
  • This product is Manufactured in China

2. Best seaweed clip by Innovative Marine

Like the pouch feeder below, the Gourmet Grazer allows fish to pick at the nori rather that it coming away in big chunks like can happen with a seaweed clip.  Held in place by strong magnets, it is suitable for tanks with acrylic or glass up to an inch thick.  The feeder snaps closed so ensure it is not overfilled to prevent it opening up again in the tank.

Innovative Marine Gourmet Gadget Grazer PRO - Magnetic Seaweed Feeder
  • For Fresh and Saltwater Fish (Herbivores and Carnivores) | Reduces Waste and Maintains Water Quality
  • Feed Multiple Fish Simultaneously | Can be placed Vertically or Horizontally
  • Low Profile | Magnet-Mounted for easy removal of un-eaten food

3. Best seaweed clip also by Two Little Fishies

Another nori holder from Two Little Fishies but this one interestingly, is not only for seaweed but frozen foods too.  It comes with two pouches and strong magnets to hold them in place.  Suitable for 3/4 inch glass or acrylic aquariums.

Two Little Fishies Pouch Feeder
  • Includes magnetic holder

More on Nori for the best seaweed clips...

To learn more about nori, or dried seaweed, and how to feed it to your saltwater fish and inverts, read this article.

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