uv sterilizer in a saltwater tank

UV Sterilizer In a Saltwater Aquarium – Are They Worth It?

The decision to add a UV sterilizer in a saltwater aquarium is usually determined by a sudden need for one. You may have inadvertently introduced Cryptocaryon irritans (white spot), or you suddenly have Dinoflagellates inundating your display. You may however, ...
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how to dose red sea

How to dose Red Sea Reef Care Products

Red Sea have become one of the most well-known developers of saltwater products and hardware in the world. In fact, it would be quite easy for a reefer to set up and run a tank exclusively using only Red Sea ...
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how to beat dinoflagellates

Get Rid Of Dinoflagellates – Essential Items

This page is to used in combination with How To Get Rid Of Dinoflagellates In a Saltwater Tank. Please read through the article and find your requirements below. I personally have had great success in ridding my system of Dinoflagellates ...
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how to stop a skimmer from overflowing

How To Stop a Skimmer From Overflowing

Protein skimmers fall into the category of ‘absolute necessity’ if you own a saltwater aquarium. They work tirelessly to remove unwanted dissolved organics and detritus from the water passing through your sump every minute of every day. When dialled in ...
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prepare your saltwater tank for vacation

Prepare Your Saltwater Tank For Vacation

The thought of jumping on a plane or getting in your car, to go on holiday can be both exciting and daunting at the same time for saltwater hobbyists. Unless you have a fully automated tank, the chances are you ...
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feed saltwater fish while on vacation

How To Feed Saltwater Fish While On Vacation

We all look forward to holidays, and leaving our every-day, run-of-the-mill lives behind for a while, flying off to somewhere exotic and forgetting our lives back at home for for a while. But as a reefer, the moment you start ...
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