The Salty Side: Saltwater Aquariums for Beginners

The Salty Side

Your best reference on Saltwater Aquariums setup and maintenance

Going on vacation and need to know what to do with your saltwater aquarium?

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Saltwater Aquariums for Beginners

Find all the information you need to start your saltwater aquarium.

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Pests and Diseases

Learn how to recognize and beat pests and diseases in saltwater aquarium.

Recommended Setup

See our recommended setup and items to get you started with your saltwater aquarium.

Expert knowledge to help you setup and maintain your saltwater aquarium

Saltwater Fish Disease: Flukes

We provide expert knowledge about saltwater aquariums, fishes and, accessories including beginner and pro tips. We help you to set up your saltwater aquarium step by step to get the best results and maintain it.  We also have a list of our favorite equipment to help you get started with the best solutions in your hands and avoid mistakes. 

Summary of categories

Learn how to get started with your saltwater aquarium. In this section, we answer frequent questions on how to start and maintain your saltwater tank and keep your fishes healthy. Have a look at those articles: How to run a saltwater aquarium with no water changeHow to manage cables in your setup, Why your tank gets suddenly cloudyHow to identify and treat white spots on fish, Can you use tap water in your saltwater tank, and much more.

In this section, you can learn from our own experience with our saltwater aquarium recommended setup article and a list of our favorite equipment and accessories. Also, look at our recommendations on:  Best Protein Skimmer, Best Brine Shrimp Hatchery, Best fake Coral, Best Test Kits for saltwater aquarium.  

In this section, we cover many pests and diseases that can affect your saltwater aquarium. In those article, learn what are the Symptoms and how to treat flukesHow to kill vermetid snails, How to get rid of bristle worms, How to get rid of digitate hydroids in a reef tank, Why your tuxedo urchin could be losing its spines, and much more about pests and disease that can negatively affect your saltwater aquarium.

In this section, you will learn about different type of algae in saltwater aquarium and how to get rid of them. Have a look at those articles: How to get rid of green hair algae (GHA), How to get rid of Dinoflagellates, What is Granular Ferric Oxid (GFO), Is a UV sterilizer worth it in a saltwater aquarium? and much more about algae you can find in saltwater tank.

In this section you will learn about frag tanks. First, have a look at our article about the Frag tank basics: plumbing, drilling and sump requirements and What are Coral Frags. Once you know the basics, learn more on How to Post Coral Frag Safely, Do you need to cycle your frag tank, Does your frag tank need a fish? or Does your frag tank need a skimmer? 

Latest Articles

Green hair algae (GHA) started to grow in your saltwater aquarium? In this article, we explain the different causes, which fish and invertebrates will eat them, and how to remove them manually.

Some dinoflagellates made their appearance in your tank? In this article, you will learn how to identify and step by step how to get rid of dinoflagellates in your saltwater aquarium. We also link all the essential items you will need to ease your process.

Learn step by step how to successfully hatch brine shrimps. In this article, you will learn what you need, what to do, and how to ensure they hatch properly.

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