About Me

Hi, and welcome to The Salty Side!  

Are you thinking about dipping your toes into the world of saltwater aquarium keeping, but find yourself drowning in the deluge of conflicting, yet well meaning advice?

With the abundance of information on forums, social media and from other ‘helpful’ sources, it can seem an extremely daunting prospect.

My aim is to help you to understand the basics.  Whether you have never kept fish before, or have kept tropical fish for years, I will guide you through the minefield in an unbiased, tried and tested, manner.

I have owned several saltwater aquariums, my latest being a 5ft Red Sea Reefer along with a frag tank.  After battling dinoflagellates, diatom and algae blooms, velvet, heating failure etc, I can offer sound advice on what worked for me and how you too can enjoy the benefits of a reef tank.

How to get in touch

Please join me on Facebook where I regularly post interesting articles and information that you may find useful.  

You can also contact me here any time with any queries you may have.

Enjoy exploring The Salty Side!

Now offering 1 to 1 sessions for help & advice
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