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Best Aquarium Glass Cleaner: The Tunze Care Magnet

I have used a Tunze Care Magnet for many years, in my opinion it is the best aquarium glass cleaner available to reefers.

I had tried many others but like any reefer one of my main concerns when cleaning the glass was not only ensuring it does a good job at cleaning the algae from the glass, but also that it does not scratch the glass in the process.

Tunze Care Magnet - Long


How Does The Tunze Care Magnet Protect Your Glass From Scratches?

The Tunze Care Magnet is comprised of an inner magnet which is supported by plastic blades on each end. The plastic blades raise the magnet by 3mm above the glass.
This means that the only interaction between the Tunze Care Magnet and the aquarium glass are the blades alone.  Unlike other glass cleaners, this minimal interaction means that there is almost no chance of catching sand between the magnet and the glass.
In all my years of using the Tunze Care Magnet I have never scratched my glass. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for other glass cleaners I have used in the past.

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How Do The Tunze Round Blade Edges Help?

The rounded edges of the blades make cleaning your tank corners a breeze, without having to worry about damaging the seals in the process. This is one of the reasons that makes the Tunze Care Magnet the best aquarium glass cleaner.

tunze care magnet

In addition to protecting the seals, the rounded edges also make it possible to move the Tunze Care Magnet around corners.
In my experience, this is easily achieved by using the shorter 45mm blade on one end. By using the shorter blade, which is included with your purchase (Long, Strong and Strong+), the magnetic hold is maintained as you transfer the Care Magnet from one pane to the next.

I did try using the longer 86mm blades on each end, but the magnetic hold failed on my 3/4″ glass while going around the corner.

How Good Are The Plastic Blades?

The rigid plastic blades are perfect at routine algae removal from aquarium glass. They are also surprisingly efficient at removing newly formed coralline algae from glass.

The longer 86mm blades are very good for general purpose algae removal, and provide a generous cleaning capacity ensuring that your routine glass cleaning does not take all day.

By replacing a long blade with a shorter 45mm blade on one end, the cleaner becomes multipurpose. The magnetic attraction increases dramatically and allows you to clean the more stubborn algae with the shorter end.

If however, you really need to scrub away at newly formed coralline algae, or neglected green algae, use a short blade on each end.
The magnetic attraction will be zeroed in on the two small blades and ensure the offending algae is removed.

Tunze have gone further. Not content for you to rely on their plastic blades alone, they have also included stainless steel blades. These are for algae which you cannot remove by using the plastic blades with all the will in the world. The stainless steel blades are also rounded at the edges.

Best aquarium glass cleaner
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How Long Do The Plastic Blades Last?

I have a Tunze Care Magnet Long version. In the 5 years I have owned it I have replaced the plastic blades once.  They were replaced because I had tried to clean neglected coralline algae which had accumulated. The result was that the flat surface of the plastic blade developed a chink.

According to Tunze, the blades are manufactured to last up to a year. In my experience, if you use them correctly they will last far longer.

The good news is that all Tunze Care Magnet parts are sold separately should you wish to replace anything.

Is The Tunze Care Magnet Rust Resistant?

Tunze have made this glass cleaner to last, even when permanently submerged in saltwater.  I have only ever removed mine to clean algae and coralline algae from the body itself. Otherwise it has remained permanently submerged for almost 5 years.

I will add that I have only used the stainless steel blade once, and then it was removed. I cannot comment on how long the stainless steel blade would last permanently submerged.

This is a big positive for most reefers, because as well as being rust proof it is also low profile and unobtrusive. When not in use it can be stored away on a corner. You do not have to remove it from the tank, just another reason this is the best aquarium glass cleaner.

Does The Tunze Care Magnet Float?

The short answer is no.  However Tunze have addressed this issue and have come up with the Care Booster. The Booster is a slip-on design that attaches to the magnet. It is buoyant and makes the magnet float to the surface.  The Booster comes in two parts, the second of which can be used as a broader hold on the dry side magnet.

I must admit that once in a while I have found myself fishing the cleaner from the bottom of the tank, but those occasions are few and far between. It normally happens when I’ve been rushing the cleaning.

I haven’t used the Booster as I have not thought the addition was needed, however if you are prone to losing the magnetic hold frequently then Tunze have thought about you.

So There You Have It...

The Tunze Care Magnet is one of those tools you will wonder how you ever did without. It is simple, no maintenance, and well thought out. It is pretty inexpensive considering it’s longevity.

I would definitely recommend the Care Magnet as a worthwhile investment.

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