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reef tank consultation

Online Saltwater Aquarium Consultation 1-on-1

reef tank consultation

Online Saltwater Aquarium Consultation 1-on-1

My name is Craig, owner of The Salty Side. I am very excited to launch our new 1-to-1 consultancy service. My aim is to provide a personalized service that creates a bespoke solution to your reefing problems. Having many years of reef keeping under my belt comes with its advantages. One advantage is the experience and the knowledge of how to deal with most issues that arise in the hobby. With my online saltwater aquarium consultation service my hope is that I can share my knowledge with you, to directly impact your needs by creating a bespoke solution.

Why offer a personalized online consultation?

Whether you are a newcomer to the amazing hobby of reef keeping, or have had a saltwater aquarium for a while, you will have noticed how quickly you begin to drown in too much information. I myself, in the past, have been overwhelmed by the very many different points of view and opinions out there in the ether.


The internet can be summarized in one quotation by Bill Gates:

‘The term, information at your fingertips, is to remind people what a broad role the personal computer will be playing. It’s not a computation device, it’s not a word processing or a spreadsheet device. It’s a window onto the world of information.’


Social media platforms

Unfortunately, Bill Gate’s ‘world of information’ is also littered with an abundance of misinformation and opinion. I have found that asking a simple question on a social media platform can often lead to multiple answers that may or may not be suitable to your specific situation. It is becoming more and more difficult to speak to someone who has first-hand knowledge of the answers you are looking for. I often find myself pitying newcomers, because it can be almost impossible for them to discern right from wrong.

Targeted sales aimed at the saltwater enthusiast

Money makes the world go round. Every company out there has a singular goal. Increased profit margins. They prey on the unwary, and gullibility. You may be drowning with adverts selling the latest aquarium maintenance systems and gadgets, targeting your inbox and news feed on a daily basis. How do you discern which of those will really help you? Which of them is a hindrance, designed to make money out of you? 

Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power, but incorrect knowledge can be detrimental to your fish and corals. It can drain you of cash that you could otherwise be using to improve your aquarium. I have been led down the garden path in the past, but my aim is to empower you with knowledge that will only enhance your ability to maintain a saltwater aquarium. To save your bucks for the betterment of your aquarium.

online saltwater aquarium consultation

How to arrange a consultation

With the advantage of having years of experience to fall back on, I can meet with you on a private video chat to help you through your difficulty. Saltwater aquarium keeping is not an easy ride all of the time. I have experienced some of the worst the hobby can throw at me – but have emerged from the other end more determined and knowledgeable.

Step 1:

Make an appointment using the scheduling calendar below. Be sure to tell me what you would like to discuss, what you need help with, or what you would like to resolve. No question is too silly – remember, I started somewhere too.

Step 2:

Allow me 24 hours to get back to you by email. In the email I will provide a link to a scheduled appointment on Zoom. I will also send you a Paypal invoice to the value of $35.00 to the email address you have provided. This will need to be paid prior to our appointment.

online aquarium consultation

What you can expect from our online consultation

This will be an informal video call on Zoom between two people who have a passion for the saltwater aquarium hobby. I will do his very best to address all of your issues as succinctly as possible, ensuring that you have gained invaluable knowledge during the call. During the call, I will also take notes so no need to remember everything.

After the consultation

Following a consultation, I will send you an email with a summary of notes taken during our session. These can be used as reminder of the discussion, and to review what we discussed. It will include actionable steps to a resolution, and if required, links to items or products discussed.

Cost of each consultation

Each 30 minute consultation will be charged at $35.00

I see this as a valuable investment of your time and money, and about the same cost as a single clownfish. My sincere hope is that you will leave the session feeling that your money has been very well spent.

You may want to contact me beforehand…

If you feel that you would like to contact me before booking an appointment, please use the button below. I will respond personally.

Craig – Owner of The Salty Side

Email me

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