The Salty Side: Saltwater Aquariums for Beginners

How To Set Up A Successful Saltwater Aquarium

The top beginner ebook for aquarists venturing into the daunting, yet thoroughly enjoyable world of reef keeping.

Buying your first saltwater tank can be a big deal – For many, it involves spending a large amount of money, often in the thousands. Money, that if not spent wisely, can quickly become a money pit.

If you don’t know what you are looking for, you may find yourself spending far more than needed. On the other hand, your aspirations may be beyond the capability of the tank you have your eyes on.

Do you know the No. 1 reason new reef keepers give up?

Owning a saltwater tank is a massive learning curve. A new owner strives to gain the relevant knowledge to be successful in this hobby. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation and cross-communication found online that can be misleading. Without the correct guidance from someone who has first hand knowledge, things quickly turn ugly and expensive.

What can I learn from this ebook?

Our ebook is aimed primarily at new hobbyists who are researching or thinking about dipping their toes into saltwater for the first time. You may have just purchased your very first saltwater tank and you want to know what to do next. Think of this book as the knowledgeable guy from your LFS (local fish shop) who has come to help you set up a successful saltwater aquarium in your home, and charges only $12.95 for his time.

Topics covered

  • Suitable aquarium placement

  • Water management

  • A step by step guide on how to set up your system, add water, sand and live rock

  • Nutrient control – Nitrate and phosphate

  • Essential equipment

  • Tank cycling methods

  • When and how to introduce invertebrates and fish

  • Algae in saltwater aquariums

And there's more...

We look at methods of controlling and eliminating algae, common hitchhikers you may encounter, and much, more. Almost 60 PAGES of relevant information, and all of it is current. This is the book I wish I had when I started years ago! 

How To Set Up A Successful Saltwater Aquarium

Offers a solid foundation into the reefing world. It will guide you past the mistakes and the pitfalls I have made over the years. At times it has felt like this hobby was sucking both my enthusiasm and my wallet dry. My hope, is that through my experience and with the help and guidance in this ebook, you will have a far less bumpier ride.

Craig – Owner of The Salty Side


“…very informative with way more info than I expected, feel like I know what I am doing now. Thank you”

Chad M


“…and six months in I was not enjoying my saltwater tank, until I came across this ebook that helped me to identify and rectify my mistakes”

Andi D


“I was getting so confused with conflicting opinions. This book has really helped me move forward and enjoy my bit of the ocean.”

Lisa J

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